We are in the flow if we succeed in using our potential

with our skills and abilities to suit ourselves

and to make it available to others. 

Alexandra Rahbar



A matter of personal concern:

To integrate as many of my passions 

as possible into my everyday work life.

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Here you can find an overview of my professional scopes:

cool tours Rahbar Altstadt Architektur Besichtigung Erlebnistouren Essen Fremdenführung Fremdenführer Gay Gärten Geschichte Grätzel Gschichtln jüdisch Kunst Kultur LGBT Malerei Museen Musiker Pfade Rundfahrt Spaziergang Sightseeing Stadt Wien Wissen

explore Vienna...

and its surroundings!

Let's walk through districts, little quarters and hidden places; join me on main-stream tours or on tours with special topics, e.g.

  • Architecture, Paintings, Music
  • Culinary Tours, Photo/Video, LGBT
  • religious topics (e.g. Jewish Vienna)
Photo Rahbar Film Foto Fotos kaufen Fotograf Fotografie Kamera Photograph Pics Pictures Video Wien Vienna

Your memories...

to enjoy and share!

You will get your unforgettable memories and experiences (pics, video, DVD) to tell and share!

  • You are going to party, to celebrate a birthday or having an anniversary (e.g. your wedding or for your company)
  • You perform or present on stage
Rahbar Aufstellung Coaching Einzel Energie Englisch Freude Gruppe Hilfe Kraft Krankheit Krise Leben Lebens- und Sozialberatung LSB Mut Praxis psychologische Beratung Selbsterfahrung Sexualberatung Sucht Supervision systemisch Training Unterstützung Wien

stress, fear, panic...

get back your energy!

You would like to better manage

  • conflicts,
  • life crises, or
  • traumatic experiences

The focus is on you and your concerns!

As a professional coach i will accompany you on your way; and I will support you to strengthen your own resilience!